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Shotgun 101


Shotgun 101

Age: 18+

If a shotgun is your choice in home defense, you are in good company. Being such a potent firearm, it is critical to know how it performs, what power it can deliver, and how to deliver it effectively.

In this class students will be introduced to proper stance, handling, and proper manipulation techniques for the different common shotgun types. Students will also learn about pellet spread and patterning.

This class is a combination of classroom and live fire exercises. It is our sincere hope that you will leave this class with sound basic techniques and a greater appreciation for how versatile the shotgun can be and how to best tailor it for your personal home defense solution.



Topics Covered

  • Grip and Stance
  • Use of sights and manipulation of the trigger
  • Types of Shotguns
  • Main Parts of a Shotgun
  • Shotgun Shell Components
  • Ammunition Identification
  • Shotgun Loads
  • Choke Types/ Spread
  • Shotgun Pattern

Required Materials

  • Shotgun chambered in 20ga or 12ga (semi-auto or pump) No pistol grips without stock capable of reaching the shoulder
  • 5 Shells – Rifled Slugs
  • 10 Shells – Buck Shot
  • 25 Shells- Bird Shot
  • Eye and ear protection

Matthews Instructors

  • Ben Newton– NRA Certified Instructor

Mooresville Instructors

  • Luke Armstrong- NRA Certified Instructor


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